Innovation. Transformation. Success.


What we do

We provide leadership to help you assess, plan, manage, and deliver your complex projects on time, with quality and within budget.  Most of our work involves complicated, large-scale, enterprise-critical programs, but our creativity allows us to adapt to scale, complexity, and subject matter.  We frequently manage or work alongside large consulting firms. Whether you are replacing vital applications, starting a new entity, integrating merged companies, selecting vendors, or launching a new product, we can manage the effort for you, ensuring that you meet your goals.  And our exciting PI-X division is busy in the background, creating broadcast materials to educate and inspire.


Our Philosophy

We take the time to think carefully about your goals and constraints and design a pragmatic approach to deliver results.  We don't waste time (or your money) with worn-out presentations and "consultant speak." We devise a solid plan for rapid delivery in short cycles. We adhere to the fundamentals:  good planning, top-notch staffing, strong controls and transparency. But we also believe in innovation -- doing things smarter, tailoring management methodologies, finding creative solutions that fit your particular needs.

Our History

When one of the largest insurance companies in the United States needed rapid results to improve business processes, replace and integrate core applications, and convert legacy data, they turned to us to manage the effort. Other clients include some of the best known companies and brands in North America. They engaged our leaders to create new business divisions, salvage failing projects, and improve operations and cost ratios.